After a couple years of thinking and planning and finally just going for it- we got to bring home this handsome man this weekend. His birthday is August 2nd, and we’ve decided on the name Costa. We decided on a Rhodesian Ridgeback because we’ve both always loved big dogs, but I did not want to live with all the hair of breeds like labs and shepherds.. I have a hard enough time getting myself to vacuum as is!

Time to ooh and ahh over the wrinkly cuteness of this sweet little guy!

10687173_10202345444347032_3065443847964503790_n 10349892_10202349773095248_2955487226767414286_n 10518686_10202349771895218_8921879616800590881_n 10682312_10202349709613661_1926203049077629780_o 10628754_10202349705733564_3224739771633093965_o


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