Fall Festivities

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11 weeks old- Costa

Puppy update: He’s still freaking adorable- what’s new! He’s been so so good about potty training, and loves to sleep up on your chest. He has quite the voice and knows how to use it- from grumbling when he’s woken up to protesting bed time.

The best part: pictures!

1926244_10202480148714557_995831754549788789_o 1969310_10202474300648359_209420712727461907_n 1801354_10202480150354598_6363557216712734681_o 10694336_10202480150794609_3575821701622797630_o 1795704_10202480149194569_667501694842772722_n

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Introducing: Costa!

After a couple years of thinking and planning and finally just going for it- we got to bring home this handsome man this weekend. His birthday is August 2nd, and we’ve decided on the name Costa. We decided on a Rhodesian Ridgeback because we’ve both always loved big dogs, but I did not want to live with all the hair of breeds like labs and shepherds.. I have a hard enough time getting myself to vacuum as is!

Time to ooh and ahh over the wrinkly cuteness of this sweet little guy!

10687173_10202345444347032_3065443847964503790_n 10349892_10202349773095248_2955487226767414286_n 10518686_10202349771895218_8921879616800590881_n 10682312_10202349709613661_1926203049077629780_o 10628754_10202349705733564_3224739771633093965_o


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Took a walk at the local park, and let Addie go nutzo over the ducks. They reeeeeeally wanted food, next time I’ll have to rememeber to bring some for them!

20131130_114807 20131130_114833 20131130_114848 20131130_115128

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Winter is Here!

A huge cold front came in today, so we bundled up and faced the wind for a walk.
Just have a few pictures to share:)

20131122_160733 20131122_161347 20131122_161354 20131122_163335

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Birthday Girl!

So today is my little piglet Addie’s FOURTH birthday! I’m pretending she’s still only 2 though…:)

After her walk, she got a super special treat- icing off the cupcakes we had to celebrate. She has some major skin allergy issues related to food we think… so getting a few licks of icing was like heave on earth in her mind.

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

20131120_170654 20131120_170651 20131120_170616 20131120_170609 20131120_185629 20131120_185710

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Out for a Walk

I call this (55 is the high today) weather: Addie weather. She absolutely loves the cold, and who could blame her, no one wants to have to snort to breathe in humidity and heat!

So we got a nice walk in today and she couldn’t be happier…


That is….

Until I decide it’s time for her hoodie! What is it about dogs and clothes!? They’re so stinkin’ cute!


The torture ended quickly don’t worry :)

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Lazy Sunday

20130821_195110 (1)Such a rough life…
The many positions of a spoiled dog’s weekend on the couch:
IMG_20131103_220529 IMG_20131103_220606IMG_20131102_163511

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Happy Halloween!

Although we didn’t really celebrate this year, Addie wore her Halloween PJ’s while we hung out at home- practicing her “save me I’m tortured look”


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Fall Weather

Addie thinks there’s nothing better than cool air outside and… sticks. She could sit and prune twigs and branches all day. Not sure why, but it makes her one happy piglet!

We spent an afternoon outside this past weekend cleaning up brush and sitting around the fire, here’s some pictures of Addie having her fun:


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