I can probably blame Pinterest for this, but I’ve been wanting to try growing succulents for awhile. They seem easy, and they are so pretty!

I ordered 25 cuttings from a great shop on Etsy: Succulent Salon.

She mailed them out Monday, and I received them today (rain delay..) I was so anxious it was a little ridiculous. Anyway, here are some pictures:

20131031_16114720131031_161759We will be building a planter this weekend, so for the time being these are their new homes!

IMG_20131031_170037So pretty!

20131031_161947Used pea gravel for the bottom to make sure there was really good drainage

IMG_20131031_170134My favorite one…

20131031_162320Separated out, ready to plant

20131031_163921Lightly watered and ready to go

Now is when I cross my fingers and hope I don’t royally mess this up!
Wish me luck:)

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