Last year I made my first no-sew fleece blanket for the boyfriend, and it’s become *my* favorite around the house, surprise surprise!

A long time ago I made one with the traditional ties on the edges, but the fringe just doesn’t wash very well and last as long as I’d like so I went for a different method.

Some call it crochet edges, it’s just a continual pull through of the fringe.

Another thing different about these is that they don’t lay perfectly flat (or at least mine don’t). You can make them lay flat, or curve up along the edges, which I prefer. No one likes cold toes, and the big versions of these blankets pretty much wrap themselves around you.

For this project I made the blankets to use for Addie’s dog bed covers. So, once again the “hugging” edges were perfect to go around the top and edges of her nest shaped bed. The bed is super comfy for her and a great size, but it just gets dirty and icky super fast. This way I can throw one of these on, flip it over when needed, then throw it in the wash and replace with another!

Here are the pictures with some instructions, I hope they’re clear enough to follow!

For these I only needed 1 yard fabric for each blanket. One yard will make a blanket approximately 32 inches x 24 inches with the scrap trimmed off.

First lay the two pieces of fabric squarely on top of each other with the sides you want showing on the outsides.20131121_172324

One of the main things you will need to make sure this goes smoothly is a nice sharp pair of fabric scissors, it makes all the difference!


In each corner I cut out a 2 inch by 2 inch square.20131121_172923

The fringe was cut 1 inch apart and two inches deep, then I went back and cut the slit by folding both sides of fringe up and cutting the middle section (about a 1 inch slit)20131121_174433

Leave the last two fringe on one side un-slit. Then you can start (right after the two you left un-slit), placing one fringe through the hole of the one next to it, and repeating all the way around til you reach the end.20131121_180308

It helps to tug on each fringe once you’ve pulled it through to get a flat edge.20131121_180327

Finished product:20131121_181115 20131121_181659 20131121_181911

On this pink blanket I cut the slits in each fringe up higher to the middle of the fabric, this causes the edges to curl in more than if you cut the slit closer to the bottom of the fringe.20131121_190440

Addie’s yucky bed before20131121_195254

All covered up and ready to go!


My full bed sized one from last year:
I really like how it’s held up, I have to wash it all the time. Plus, the contrasting black fabric on the underside really makes the edges stand out nicely!

20131121_182306 20131121_182312

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