I am in love with all things Mercury Glass, I can’t help it. It all started with these beautiful candle sticks from Pottery Barn we received for our wedding: click

Antique Mercury Glass Pillar Holder, Medium

So, after some research I bought “Looking Glass” spray paint by Krylon and gave it a go myself. All you have to do it use plain glass anything (Candy dish, vase, ornament, etc.) Spray a light coating of the paint, then mist with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. This will create the bubbles and imperfections to resemble Mercury Glass. After about 1 minute, take a clean dry paper towel and dab off the excess paint. It takes some trial and error, but is very simple! One tip- go very light on the paint, drips have to be wiped off and waste the kinda pricey paint:)

Here is where I bought the paint: Amazon

I experimented on a glass candy dish and plain glass ornaments, I think they turned out awesome- is it Christmas time yet?!

IMG_20150628_124919 IMG_20150628_124626 IMG_20150628_124612IMG_20150627_132638 IMG_20150627_133133 IMG_20150627_134336 IMG_20150627_140428 (1)

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