So my bedroom is in serious need of some decor help.. what better than a cute sign?

I got this junky piece of wood, that was kind of an awkward shape but smooth and square, perfect for a sign!

Being a horrible decision maker… deciding on a quote was the biggest feat of the whole project. I’ve had this one saved awhile, and thought it’d be perfect.

The lettering I spaced out on Microsoft Word and laid out before hand. I used matte spray paint, and just used one full can.

Once it was painted the navy blue, I taped the words together and set them on top how I wanted them to go. Easy enough, I just traced over the outline of the letters with a ball point pen and with a little extra pressure I ended up with a perfect stencil.

It took two coats and a lot of patience (having shaky hands really is a pain sometimes…) but the whole project was pretty simple. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with my letter painting skill as this was my first attempt. Just don’t look too close :)

Time for pictures!

20131030_230646 20131030_231009 20131101_145214 20131101_150906 20131101_153931 20131101_165544

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