As much as I know Addie wants to steal all these random deer antlers I’ve accumulated recently for her own chew toys, I’ve had a lot of fun crafting with them.


Unfortunately I don’t have any before pictures, I was too anxious to clean it up and get to painting :/ They came from my parent’s cabin, my dad tells me they are from an old Mule deer.

20130904_200433(1)I used a mixture of maroon beads (Whoop!), black circular tile/beads, pearls, and some random red/maroon seed beads. I used white tile adhesive for my background on the skull, using only my fingers and a plastic spoon when necessary for the smaller corners and crevices.


I spray painted the entire thing, antlers, skull, and plaque and finished it with a clear coat. There are a lot more angles to ¬†fill in with spray paint than you would think.. I still wouldn’t have wanted to hand paint it though- I feel like the brush strokes would have hidden the surface detail of real antlers.

DSC_0488Here is the final product, much darker and more “maroon” in person.

DSC_0490Oh, and beware- if ever working with real deer antlers? Their heads aren’t always symmetrical, we had to shift this one’s skull on the plaque just to make it appear more level- it’s going on a wall after all! Mine happened to have one antler going “up” and one “out”.

Anyways, on to the next antler project!


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