We finally had the chance to make the planter box for the succulents this weekend. It turned out great!

The cedar board we used was 6 inches tall, and 8 foot long (there was plenty left over)
I decided to use the rougher side for the outside not just for aesthetics, but it was easier to seal the smooth side for the interior.

Instead of making a planter that sits inside a tray to catch the water, I wanted it to be hidden. So my lovely and genius boyfriend came up with this design :) We put a false bottom inside the planter, just high enough that the drip pan would fit under it. Strangely enough we found the best shape was an ice cube tray.

In order to save space and provide the most room for rocks and soil on top, we didn’t want to use the cedar as the floor. There happened to be 1/4 inch cement board for us to use, which ended up working perfectly because it will never been affected by the damp soil/water. It was hard to cut and drill, but it ended up great.

Finally the inside edges around the floor were sealed with caulk and I gave the interior a coat of satin gloss polyurethane.

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