This is a post just to chronicle the process of making our bottlecap coffee table. We kept an eye on the local Craigslist for quite awhile, and finally found this table for $40 I think. It had an extra piece of glass as well, which was nice.

The first thing we did was dismantle the entire thing and start painting. Well even before that a whole bunch of sanding was involved.. (I think I like to pretend that part never happens because I dislike it so much- one of these days I’ll own an electric sander…) Anyway! The base and top circle were hand brushed with high gloss black paint, and the metal legs and rings were spray painted a dark gray, almost black hammered finish.

We decided to add a piece of plywood for the bottle cap platform, mounted right under the top circle the glass sets in. Once that was screwed in place I filled in the edges with wood glue to make a cohesive edge all around and then painted it black as well.

I should have counted how many bottle caps I ended up using, but all I know is it seemed to take *forever*. We ended up testing out the most random beers, just because I wanted their pretty lids… Anyway, the most difficult part was aligning them in a way there weren’t obvious gaps and holes. I originally wanted to bar top the table- fill it in with acrylic- but I like the fact that I can remove the top and rearrange the caps at any time.

Right now it has A&M across the middle, with the caps randomly groups around it. Soon I think I’m going to change it to a more swirling pattern. Because I do have groups of caps I’d like to use them in a continuous way instead of just completely random.

Something like this

The pictures for this aren’t as organized as usual, as they were just taken at random times throughout the process.

IMG_2044 IMG_2067 IMG_2077 IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2641

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