Mercury Glass DIY

I am in love with all things Mercury Glass, I can’t help it. It all started with these beautiful candle sticks from Pottery Barn we received for our wedding: click

Antique Mercury Glass Pillar Holder, Medium

So, after some research I bought “Looking Glass” spray paint by Krylon and gave it a go myself. All you have to do it use plain glass anything (Candy dish, vase, ornament, etc.) Spray a light coating of the paint, then mist with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. This will create the bubbles and imperfections to resemble Mercury Glass. After about 1 minute, take a clean dry paper towel and dab off the excess paint. It takes some trial and error, but is very simple! One tip- go very light on the paint, drips have to be wiped off and waste the kinda pricey paint:)

Here is where I bought the paint: Amazon

I experimented on a glass candy dish and plain glass ornaments, I think they turned out awesome- is it Christmas time yet?!

IMG_20150628_124919 IMG_20150628_124626 IMG_20150628_124612IMG_20150627_132638 IMG_20150627_133133 IMG_20150627_134336 IMG_20150627_140428 (1)

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Wedding Signs

After our wedding a few months ago I am finally getting all the signs we made photographed and up for sale:)

They are all listed on Etsy! (<– Click)

megankathleenwandsign megankathleenphotoboothsign megankathleenkidstablesign megankathleenguestbooksign



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Coffee Table

To match our new entertainment center, next we added a coffee table! It’s a super similar design, with the stain, wood burning and all. I love the set! Maybe some end tables will be next ;)

IMG_20150412_134428 IMG_20150412_134415 IMG_20150412_112830 IMG_20150412_112825 IMG_20150628_122405

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Entertainment Center

Here is the latest furniture project we took on, well most of the credit goes to the awesome man who puts up with all my crazy ideas… but hey! It actually ended up being super massive… but I love it! We did two coats of stain and wood burned our to-be last name and date into it as well :)

IMG_20150403_144411 IMG_20150228_134701 IMG_20150228_174807 IMG_20150228_184132 11043401_10203285167199516_3301791077965989591_o

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Christmas Deer Canvas


Here’s my first Christmas craft of the holiday season this year. It is pretty simple, easy and cheap to do (the best!)

All I used were canvas (I actually got a pack of 6 at Michael’s for only $12), Elmer’s glue, tracing paper, and silver glitter.



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Beachy Cabinet

I was given this cabinet a couple weeks ago, oh how I love free furniture (solid wood too!!)

I really love the color, and the handles! So happy with how it turned out


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I did this project around the time we were working on our farm table. Chalkboard stuff is ALL over Pinterest, so I generated a lot of my ideas there. I just used simple chalkboard paint from Lowe’s, as well as white oil based paint that we used on the table. The best part was using a projector to put up my design and copy onto the board. I do NOT have steady hands or any talent at free-handing so that was really the key.

20140111_222043 20140105_153559  20140105_160100 20140105_170123 20140107_214705 20140108_210621 20140108_210628 20140111_203954


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Tank Stand

Here are the pictures of the tank stand we built to hold our 90 gallon salt water aquarium with a 40 gallon refugium underneath.

DSC_0968 DSC_0868 DSC_0869 DSC_0876 DSC_0877 DSC_0881 DSC_0882 DSC_0969 DSC_0970Final product:


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Succulents Part II

My succulent garden, after a move and winter is finally over- they’re looking much better. I’ve also added some more from Succulent Salon on Etsy:

DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0037 DSC_0038 DSC_0039 DSC_0040 DSC_0042 DSC_0043

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Farm Table

Finally catching up on posting some projects from the last few months. This is by far my favorite- and definitely the biggest project we’ve taken on so far.

Even in a small apartment, I really wanted us to have a dining room table. And I couldn’t find one exactly like I was picturing in my head (of course). I love big old rustic farm tables, but we needed small, and I was hoping for a high table.

This is what we ended up with!

20140118_152741And here are the pics of the process!

20140105_132846  20140105_13300420140105_134312 20140105_135600 20140105_165217 (1) 20140105_172140 20140105_183008 20140105_201525 20140105_213701 20140106_191410 20140106_192608 20140115_18595920140114_191929

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Bottle Cap Table Redo

We have been in the process of moving this past week and are just now sort of getting settled back in. Today I redid our bottle cap coffee table and am really happy with how it turned out!




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Gift Wrapping

I have almost all my Christmas presents bought, so I finally started wrapping them.

I found these awesome gift tags online and they turned out great!

All you have to do is download the pdf, fill in your recipients and print it off on cardstock.

Here are some pics!

20131130_163142 20131130_164238 20131130_170546

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Turkey Day

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Minus the 10 extra pounds I *might have* gained…

Had a relaxing couple days back home with wonderful food thanks to mom, our traditional Christmas tree decorating and some down time with Addie and a good book!

IMG_20131128_130811 IMG_20131128_130604 20131129_111714 20131129_111428 20131128_222849 20131128_191412(0) 20131128_191100

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No Sew Blankets

Last year I made my first no-sew fleece blanket for the boyfriend, and it’s become *my* favorite around the house, surprise surprise!

A long time ago I made one with the traditional ties on the edges, but the fringe just doesn’t wash very well and last as long as I’d like so I went for a different method.

Some call it crochet edges, it’s just a continual pull through of the fringe.

Another thing different about these is that they don’t lay perfectly flat (or at least mine don’t). You can make them lay flat, or curve up along the edges, which I prefer. No one likes cold toes, and the big versions of these blankets pretty much wrap themselves around you.

For this project I made the blankets to use for Addie’s dog bed covers. So, once again the “hugging” edges were perfect to go around the top and edges of her nest shaped bed. The bed is super comfy for her and a great size, but it just gets dirty and icky super fast. This way I can throw one of these on, flip it over when needed, then throw it in the wash and replace with another!

Here are the pictures with some instructions, I hope they’re clear enough to follow!

For these I only needed 1 yard fabric for each blanket. One yard will make a blanket approximately 32 inches x 24 inches with the scrap trimmed off.

First lay the two pieces of fabric squarely on top of each other with the sides you want showing on the outsides.20131121_172324

One of the main things you will need to make sure this goes smoothly is a nice sharp pair of fabric scissors, it makes all the difference!


In each corner I cut out a 2 inch by 2 inch square.20131121_172923

The fringe was cut 1 inch apart and two inches deep, then I went back and cut the slit by folding both sides of fringe up and cutting the middle section (about a 1 inch slit)20131121_174433

Leave the last two fringe on one side un-slit. Then you can start (right after the two you left un-slit), placing one fringe through the hole of the one next to it, and repeating all the way around til you reach the end.20131121_180308

It helps to tug on each fringe once you’ve pulled it through to get a flat edge.20131121_180327

Finished product:20131121_181115 20131121_181659 20131121_181911

On this pink blanket I cut the slits in each fringe up higher to the middle of the fabric, this causes the edges to curl in more than if you cut the slit closer to the bottom of the fringe.20131121_190440

Addie’s yucky bed before20131121_195254

All covered up and ready to go!


My full bed sized one from last year:
I really like how it’s held up, I have to wash it all the time. Plus, the contrasting black fabric on the underside really makes the edges stand out nicely!

20131121_182306 20131121_182312

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More Antler Decor

Here is the other antler project I’ve finished recently, I just took the whole skull and spray painted it to match one of the signs I have made (

It was super easy, I just made sure the antlers/skull were clean and dry and started painting. The paint covered really easily too, it only took 2-3 time to coat the whole thing evenly.

20131116_120933 20131117_141222 20131117_141154

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Family Sign

Christmas time is getting closer, so it’s time to start my gift crafting projects!

Here is one of quite a few of these I’ll be making this week. I just used 8 inch wide pine boards and estimated how long they’d need to be for the amount of letters. This time around I used brush on instead of spray paint- it’s actually much quicker and easier to do touchups this way.

Just like in my other sign project, I printed out the words and heavily traced over them to create a stencil on the board once it was painted. This sign took 3 coats of white paint, I think because the letters are so large.

Picture time!

johnson sign 4 johnson sign 5 johnson sign 3

My little helper!
johnson sign 2johnson sign

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Cedar Planter

We finally had the chance to make the planter box for the succulents this weekend. It turned out great!

The cedar board we used was 6 inches tall, and 8 foot long (there was plenty left over)
I decided to use the rougher side for the outside not just for aesthetics, but it was easier to seal the smooth side for the interior.

Instead of making a planter that sits inside a tray to catch the water, I wanted it to be hidden. So my lovely and genius boyfriend came up with this design :) We put a false bottom inside the planter, just high enough that the drip pan would fit under it. Strangely enough we found the best shape was an ice cube tray.

In order to save space and provide the most room for rocks and soil on top, we didn’t want to use the cedar as the floor. There happened to be 1/4 inch cement board for us to use, which ended up working perfectly because it will never been affected by the damp soil/water. It was hard to cut and drill, but it ended up great.

Finally the inside edges around the floor were sealed with caulk and I gave the interior a coat of satin gloss polyurethane.

20131109_120627 20131109_12064420131109_120715 20131109_125611 20131109_125642 20131109_132602 20131109_133738 20131109_135519 20131109_135522IMG_20131111_174208

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Handpainted Sign

So my bedroom is in serious need of some decor help.. what better than a cute sign?

I got this junky piece of wood, that was kind of an awkward shape but smooth and square, perfect for a sign!

Being a horrible decision maker… deciding on a quote was the biggest feat of the whole project. I’ve had this one saved awhile, and thought it’d be perfect.

The lettering I spaced out on Microsoft Word and laid out before hand. I used matte spray paint, and just used one full can.

Once it was painted the navy blue, I taped the words together and set them on top how I wanted them to go. Easy enough, I just traced over the outline of the letters with a ball point pen and with a little extra pressure I ended up with a perfect stencil.

It took two coats and a lot of patience (having shaky hands really is a pain sometimes…) but the whole project was pretty simple. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with my letter painting skill as this was my first attempt. Just don’t look too close :)

Time for pictures!

20131030_230646 20131030_231009 20131101_145214 20131101_150906 20131101_153931 20131101_165544

Pinterest Inspiration:

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Succulent Project

I can probably blame Pinterest for this, but I’ve been wanting to try growing succulents for awhile. They seem easy, and they are so pretty!

I ordered 25 cuttings from a great shop on Etsy: Succulent Salon.

She mailed them out Monday, and I received them today (rain delay..) I was so anxious it was a little ridiculous. Anyway, here are some pictures:

20131031_16114720131031_161759We will be building a planter this weekend, so for the time being these are their new homes!

IMG_20131031_170037So pretty!

20131031_161947Used pea gravel for the bottom to make sure there was really good drainage

IMG_20131031_170134My favorite one…

20131031_162320Separated out, ready to plant

20131031_163921Lightly watered and ready to go

Now is when I cross my fingers and hope I don’t royally mess this up!
Wish me luck:)

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Decorating Deer Antlers

As much as I know Addie wants to steal all these random deer antlers I’ve accumulated recently for her own chew toys, I’ve had a lot of fun crafting with them.


Unfortunately I don’t have any before pictures, I was too anxious to clean it up and get to painting :/ They came from my parent’s cabin, my dad tells me they are from an old Mule deer.

20130904_200433(1)I used a mixture of maroon beads (Whoop!), black circular tile/beads, pearls, and some random red/maroon seed beads. I used white tile adhesive for my background on the skull, using only my fingers and a plastic spoon when necessary for the smaller corners and crevices.


I spray painted the entire thing, antlers, skull, and plaque and finished it with a clear coat. There are a lot more angles to  fill in with spray paint than you would think.. I still wouldn’t have wanted to hand paint it though- I feel like the brush strokes would have hidden the surface detail of real antlers.

DSC_0488Here is the final product, much darker and more “maroon” in person.

DSC_0490Oh, and beware- if ever working with real deer antlers? Their heads aren’t always symmetrical, we had to shift this one’s skull on the plaque just to make it appear more level- it’s going on a wall after all! Mine happened to have one antler going “up” and one “out”.

Anyways, on to the next antler project!


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Bottle Cap Table

This is a post just to chronicle the process of making our bottlecap coffee table. We kept an eye on the local Craigslist for quite awhile, and finally found this table for $40 I think. It had an extra piece of glass as well, which was nice.

The first thing we did was dismantle the entire thing and start painting. Well even before that a whole bunch of sanding was involved.. (I think I like to pretend that part never happens because I dislike it so much- one of these days I’ll own an electric sander…) Anyway! The base and top circle were hand brushed with high gloss black paint, and the metal legs and rings were spray painted a dark gray, almost black hammered finish.

We decided to add a piece of plywood for the bottle cap platform, mounted right under the top circle the glass sets in. Once that was screwed in place I filled in the edges with wood glue to make a cohesive edge all around and then painted it black as well.

I should have counted how many bottle caps I ended up using, but all I know is it seemed to take *forever*. We ended up testing out the most random beers, just because I wanted their pretty lids… Anyway, the most difficult part was aligning them in a way there weren’t obvious gaps and holes. I originally wanted to bar top the table- fill it in with acrylic- but I like the fact that I can remove the top and rearrange the caps at any time.

Right now it has A&M across the middle, with the caps randomly groups around it. Soon I think I’m going to change it to a more swirling pattern. Because I do have groups of caps I’d like to use them in a continuous way instead of just completely random.

Something like this

The pictures for this aren’t as organized as usual, as they were just taken at random times throughout the process.

IMG_2044 IMG_2067 IMG_2077 IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2641

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